At Enrich, our Product Team is currently underway with arguably our most exciting project yet - a complete redesign of our platform. While we’ve won awards throughout the years for our financial wellness product, we’ve been cataloguing many ways we can get even better. Over the last few months, what started with internal meetings, conversations with clients, and dialogue with end users became a core set of goals for a platform redesign:

  1. Make our content and features more discoverable and even easier to use
  2. Make our product a “mobile-first” platform - not only fully responsive to all devices, but an exceptional experience on your screen of choice
  3. Make our product more fun w/more smile-inducing surprises baked into the experience
  4. Improve our visual design by adopting a pixel-perfect attitude, while redesigning our entire user interface from scratch
  5. Expand our personalization algorithms, making user recommendations more engaging and “smart”
  6. Optimize the many unique user flows and onboarding to our platform used by our diverse client base
  7. Expand the accessibility of our platform to offer an exceptional experience to all users, adhering to benchmark ADA standards

A screenshot from a discarded, conceptual prototype from very early in the redesign process

Translating these somewhat abstract goals into a real product with real features is, as you can imagine, a pretty big project. We’re committed to our agile development philosophy, so after toying with several conceptual prototypes for what the redesigned platform would look like, we broke it down into little pieces. We grouped the most important features together and decided what would need to be included in a first version of the redesigned platform. At this time, we’ve settled on:

  • Responsive, streamlined navigation and search
  • Re-classification and organization of our content and features
  • All new layouts for core content, including: articles, videos, interactives, calculators, games, and webinars
  • All new user profile and dashboard ...and some secret stuff we can't yet divulge!

Our first release of the redesigned Platform is coming toward the beginning of Q4 2016, with more exciting Platform updates to follow. Stay tuned for the next blog post where we’ll give more insight into our redesign process.


Dan leads iGrad's Product Team, building iGrad's suite of personal finance, student loan, and career web products and services. Since joining iGrad in 2011, Dan has leveraged his expertise in user experience, visual design, and agile development to help iGrad's users achieve their financial dreams in intuitive ways. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island's Honors Program in Philosophy, Dan can be found stumping for Tom Brady's greatness or playing awkward Bright Eyes records, when not strategizing about iGrad's future.

Dan Goniprow
Product Manager