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New Employees Looking For Financial Literacy

Tempting Talent with Financial Literacy and Big Data

Gain an edge on competitors by using financial literacy as a benefit and data from salary benchmarking to attract and keep rising, young talent.

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Raised hands under the words In Lieu of Raises, Send Benefits

In Lieu of Raises, Send Benefits

Hartford Funds releases a comprehensive report detailing the overwhelming need for financial literacy in the workplace. With stress increasing and incomes decreasing the stress of the daily worker is heightened. Financial literacy offers solutions.

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Stressed Baby Boomer

Boom! Goes Retirement

Half the population of the workforce is composed of the Baby Boomers. The median income of a Baby Boomer workplace colleague is around $70,000. They face fluctuating health care and reforms, volatile interest rates, mountainous debt and an evasive endgame

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How Credit Unions Use Financial Literacy to Strengthen Communities

Explore the different methods credit unions are leveraging to bring financial literacy to their communities through the use of seminars and free resources to bond and strengthen their communities and their financial wellness.

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Enrich Financial Wellness Partners with BCU

BCU Doubles Down On Financial Wellness With Enrich Education Platform

Enrich and BCU have partnered bringing Enrich's award-winning financial wellness platform to BCU's customer base. Loaded with personalized action plans, games and videos and a wealth of fresh content, Enrich's will further empower their hopes and finances

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401K mistakes enrich financial wellness

Four 401k Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, investing missteps are all too common in 401(k) accounts, due in part to a lack of education surrounding how the accounts work and the investment options made available through each plan provider. Investment blunders often lead to dismal...

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retirement plan contributions

3 Reasons to Make After-Tax Contributions to Your Retirement Plan

Individuals under age 50 have the ability to save up to $18,000 in elective pre-tax deferrals within an employer-sponsored plan, while individuals over age 50 can set aside up to $24,000 each year. Although that may seem like a substantial amount, high ea

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3 Reasons Financial Wellness is Important in the Workplace

According to research findings by PwC, fewer employees are finding it difficult to meet their financial obligations each month, down from an alarming 49% in 2012 to 33% in the most recent study (2015). Unfortunately, concerns remain constant in terms of g

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Enrich financial wellness redesign screenshots

7 Things to Know About the Enrich Platform Redesign: An Early, Inside Look

We’re committed to our agile development philosophy, so after toying with several conceptual prototypes for what the redesigned platform would look like, we broke it down into little pieces. We grouped the most important features together and decided what

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Find Out How YOU Can Avoid Delaying Retirement

Many people assume that Medicare and Social Security will help them retire, only to find out too late that these public programs don’t offer enough to sustain them. A large portion of Americans have also failed to save on their own and are unable to bridg

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