Who is Enrich for?

Financial Wellness for Financial Institutions
  • Why Enrich?

    • Engage customers with branded financial wellness
    • Educate customers on your products
    • Generate leads / nurture customer relationships
    • Cross-promote your products
    • Measure financial literacy efficacy
Financial Wellness for Employers and Organizations
  • Why Enrich?

    • Add financial literacy to your wellness programs
    • Educate employees on your benefits
    • Increase employee productivity
    • Reduce employee financial stress
    • Measure financial literacy efficacy
Employers and
Financial Wellness for Financial Advisors
  • Why Enrich?

    • Add financial literacy to your client services
    • Generate leads / nurture client relationships
    • Reduce clients' financial stress
    • Measure financial literacy efficacy
Financial Advisors

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Enrich cobranded, customizable financial literacy platform Enrich cobranded, customizable financial literacy platform

Customize Your Enrich

Best-in-class co-branding

We use your logo and colors to promote financial literacy as an extension of your brand.

Insanely customizable

Turn features on/off and push custom modules and videos to your Enrich site.

On-call financial counselors

Certified Personal Finance Counselors® ensure employees get the best advice.

  • Enrich Partner - Mutual Of Omaha
  • Enrich Partner - Geico Credit Union
  • Enrich Partner - Humana Health Insurance, Medicare Insurance and Dental Insurance
  • Enrich Partner - Principal
  • Enrich Partner - Virginia Retirement System

Financial Wellness Resources

Here at Enrich we strive to educate people on the latest news in retirement, healthcare, and personal finance. Through careful analysis of the latest trends & strategies in financial wellness we are able to put together provocative resources.

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Financial Wellness Resources Financial Wellness Resources

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Enrich The Well Blog

A financial wellness blog by the experts at Enrich

A group of happy employees as a result of their employer offering student loan repayment assistance

Despite the focus on student loans, the student loan debt crisis continues to grow, with students borrowing approximately $102 billion for the 2019-20 school year. A new tax incentive is now encouraging employers to offer employee benefits like ...

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An employee learning about important financial topics on the Enrich Financial Wellness platform

Fifty years ago, if you asked someone about a financial wellness program, you would have been met with confusion and blank stares. Now, financial wellness programs are not just popular; they are one of the most desired employee benefits.

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Woman putting her finger to her lips to symbolize a secret

More and more companies are realizing that financially well employees are more productive, miss less work, in better health and happier in their jobs. Providing employees with customized financial wellness tools and information can also lead to ...

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A group of employees smiling in an office

Over the years, the definition of a "good job" has evolved. Traditionally, a good job was thought of as high paying. In recent years, though, the elements that make up a good job have grown and changed, taking into account more than just an earned salary.

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