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NEFCU Credit Union and Enrich Financial Wellness

NEFCU Partners With Enrich for Financial Wellness Education

Enrich offers educational content including student loans, credit, car and home buying, retirement and more. Enrich also personalizes information for each person’s situation and needs.

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Principal Partners with Enrich Financial Wellness

Principal Launches Principal Milestones, New Financial Wellness Program

Principal Financial partners with Enrich to go beyond investment and benefits planning to provide the foundational information and insights needed to help consumers improve financial literacy and sustain it over time.

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Planning an Employee Financial Wellness Program

Will Our Employees Use a Financial Wellness Program if We Offer One?

Your employees want help solving their financial issues and many want to see that help come from their employers. In Metlife’s 16th Annual Benefit Trends Study, 84% of employees say they want or need financial wellness programs.

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Employee Financial Wellness Needs Assessment

How to Survey Your Employees for Your Financial Wellness Program

Nonetheless, not just any financial wellness program will do. Your company must first find out what your employees want and need so that the program you offer can address their concerns. 

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WebMD Partners With Enrich for Employee Financial Wellness

WebMD Health Services Adds Financial Wellness Solution to Well-Being Portfolio

Personalized, Education-Driven Program Helps Employees Build Skills and Take Action to Reduce the Impact of Financial Stress

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Affinity Federal Credit Union Partners with iGrad for Financial Wellness Education

Affinity Federal Credit Union Partners with iGrad for Financial Wellness Education

Affinity Federal Credit Union has partnered with iGrad to offer its members financial wellness education. Enrich personalizes financial information for each user and offers tools, quizzes, videos, articles and a library of multimedia content.

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Providing Incentives to Improve Employee Financial Health

Providing Incentives for Your Employee Financial Wellness Program

For a financial wellness program to convince employees to adopt and maintain healthy financial behaviors, employees must internalize these behaviors. Rewards for participation help transition employees from external incentives to internal understanding.

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Castlight Health Partners with iGrad to Integrate Financial Wellness Education

iGrad Partners with Castlight Health to Integrate Financial Wellness Education into Health Navigation Platform

San Diego-based financial wellness education company iGrad has announced a new partnership with leading health navigation provider, Castlight Health, to integrate its Enrich platform with Castlight’s health navigation solution for employers.

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3 Crucial Things Most Financial Wellness Initiatives Lack

The Three Crucial Things That Most Financial Wellness Initiatives Lack

The benefits of adding a financial wellness initiative for employees to address financial stress are significant. By planning and executing a well-thought-out initiative, you can positively impact employee participation and end results.

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Empower Employees to Prepare for Retirement with New Course

Retirement planning takes long-term vision. Enrich’s new “Planning for Retirement” course and Retirement Analyzer Tool engages employees and provides actionable steps to achieve financial goals

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