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How Financial Wellness Affects Employee Health

Seventy-two percent of adults surveyed by the American Psychological Association cite money as a major stressor in their life. Employee financial wellness programs help decrease financial stress and increase employee productivity by ...

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How Credit Unions are Engaging Millennials

Credit unions that help millennials manage high student loan debt and wage stagnation are better positioned to attract and keep them as members.

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CWDC Employee Financial Wellness Colorado

Colorado Workforce Development Council Launches iGrad’s Enrich Financial Wellness Platform for Colorado Workers

The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) has launched the Enrich online and mobile financial wellness resource, which is free for incumbent retail, hospitality, and food and beverage workers as part of the state’s Lives Empowered initiative.

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What’s the Real Effect of Employee Discount Programs on Financial Wellness?

Hiring and retaining the best employees is always a challenge, especially during periods of low unemployment. Offering an array of benefits that go beyond healthcare and 401(k) plans is a great way to stand out from competing companies.

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Bank of Clovis Partners with iGrad for Financial Wellness Education

Bank of Clovis has partnered with the San Diego-based company iGrad to offer its members financial wellness education.

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iGrad Partners with Dot Foods to Provide Financial Wellness Education to 2,500 Employees

Dot Foods rolled out Enrich's white label financial wellness platform in June, calling it “Money Matters” and promoting the benefit to 2500 headquarter employees.

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three men checking the cost of employee financial wellness programs

How Much Does an Employee Financial Wellness Program Cost?

Different demographics require different types of information delivered in different ways. So, the key is finding a program that addresses your employee’s needs at a cost that addresses your bottom line.

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Financial Wellness Award Given to APTA and Enrich

iGrad and APTA Recognized with Power of A Gold Award for Financial Solutions Center

Financial wellness company iGrad and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) were recently recognized with a 2019 Power of A Gold Award by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for the APTA Financial Solutions Center.

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Elderly man's hands signing financial contract

How Student Loan Debt is Affecting Baby Boomer Employees

Although student debt is rising among all generations, those age 60 to 69 have experienced a 72 percent increase in their loan balances over the last five years, the largest area of growth for student loan debt.

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OnPoint Credit Union partners with Enrich Financial Wellness

OnPoint Community Credit Union Partners with iGrad to Offer the Enrich Financial Wellness Platform

OnPoint Community Credit Union has partnered with San Diego-based financial education company iGrad to offer its members the award-winning Enrich platform to provide comprehensive financial wellness education and action plans to employees.

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